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Why Do You Need Happiness In Life? | Happiness India Project

by on Mar.10, 2016, under LA's Blog

Didn’t you come across the wildly popular The Hangover Parody Account tweet about happiness: Money can’t buy happiness, but it’s much more comfortable crying in a Mercedes Benz than on a bike? I’m sure you did, this or a version of this.

It all began when in 2010, a 22-year old Ma Nuo in a Chinese dating television show called If you are the One was asked by a suitor if she would go on a date to “ride a bicycle with him”. She replied, “I would rather cry in a BMW than smile on a bicycle.” And became an online sensation. That told the world in a short and memorable sentence what perhaps could become its best definition of materialism.

To many of us, happiness equals more stuff and more possessions. And to many others it equals more money, less stress, more success, less sadness, more power, less insecurity.

When I tried to think up what’s wrong with that, it took me to this question, “Why do you need to cry when you’re sitting in a BMW?”

And I found that it’s because the pains and trials that bring out the tears don’t care where you’re placed in life. Rich people cry. Strong people cry. Famous people cry. May be the tears don’t show, but they also cry – even if it’s only on the inside. You can have all the luxury that anybody could afford, and still you will have moments of pain and tears. That is authentic life.


Don’t dismiss setting happiness targets as ‘happy clappy”! Happiness works!

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To Seek, To Strive

by on Mar.02, 2016, under LA's Blog

In the Social Age, where borders are devolved, where technology connects, where community persists, we have to look beyond hierarchies to solve the challenges we face. We have to seek, to strive:


Julian Stodd on the focal levers for building community!

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Tomorrow’s digital workforce: traditional office to become thing of the past

by on Mar.01, 2016, under LA's Blog

Shared office spaces will double in number and the traditional office will become a thing of the past as workers become more mobile and independent, a report predicts.

The report, Tomorrow’s Digitally Enabled Workforce, to be launched by Employment Minister Michaelia Cash on Friday, says the number of independent contractors in Australia will continue rising above 1 million people. This is despite challenges including a lack of stable income and difficulties finding work.

While freelancing has not yet taken hold in Australia, it is a large (and growing) employment model in other countries,” the report says.

“Companies may opt for staffing models which include a smaller number of core staff, with many other roles provided by the freelancer.

“Jobs of the future are likely to be more flexible, agile, networked and connected.”


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