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The 7 forms of courage every leader should demonstrate

by on Nov.26, 2015, under LA's Blog

Through years of consulting to many organizations, I’ve been blessed to work with wonderful, accomplished leaders  — individuals who are deeply in touch w


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3 Keys to Becoming a More Decisive Leader

by on Nov.23, 2015, under LA's Blog

Here are ways to stop stalling and start doing the work you were meant to do.


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6 Powerful Ways To Thank Your Team For Being Awesome

by on Nov.19, 2015, under LA's Blog

It sounds like common sense to say thank you to those who work for you and work with you, but it in reality this common sense wisdom is not practiced as much as it should be.

Some people say they don’t have time or can’t afford to show appreciation; others may have good intentions but just never think of it in the moment.

But if you think of it in terms of payoff–giving you and your organization more stability and less turnover (and, as a result, greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness)–it’s about investing in an important relationship.


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Why Do We Resist Change?

by on Nov.12, 2015, under LA's Blog

Because we’re deluded!

We all delude ourselves about our achievements, our status, and our contributions. We

Overestimate our contribution to a project;
Have an elevated opinion of our professional skills and standing among our peers;
Exaggerate our project’s impact on profitability by discounting real and hidden costs.
Many of our delusions come from our association with success, not failure. We get positive reinforcement from our successes and we think they are predictive of a great future.


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5 Habits Of Truly Disruptive Leaders

by on Nov.11, 2015, under LA's Blog

Disruption and leadership might seem opposing forces. Here’s how the best leaders reconcile the two.


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Healthy Habits of a Healthy Leader: Delegation

by on Nov.09, 2015, under LA's Blog

An important skill to develop in life, regardless of your position, is the skill of leadership.  Whether you are a parent, a business owner, a teacher, a counselor, a ministry leader, etc., the benefits of developing leadership skills are necessary for…


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