Creating GREAT Relationships

by on May.28, 2011, under Relationship Building

What is GREAT© ?

Clients have many factors to consider, with possible serious consequences, and it can be difficult to make the right decision. And with so many choices, it is prudent to ask for assistance from someone who is both credible and trustworthy.

The professional sales person knows this. That is why they are professional. They do not badger or push clients into making a decision that they are uncomfortable with. Professional sales people help their clients come to the right buying decision where ultimately, the relationship that develops between customer and supplier is GREAT:


The relationship develops over time. Both sides become aware of what motivates, excites, disappoints, enthuses, frustrates and infuriates the other. This is the beginning of the process of “partnering” where decisions are made jointly as the relationship grows. Through genuine and determined giving and receiving, the relationship is empowered to mature.


As in any relationship the parties need to work through the good times and the bad. In seeking to build a robust relationship, the development of a strong, healthy, hardy and vigorous set of beliefs and values is imperative. With both sides working together for a common goal, with a common vision, this will be achieved.


Without enthusiasm for the task at hand there may be a tendency to become complacent. Both parties need to be absorbed in the eager pursuit of their goals, giving and receiving equally and sharing the successes and failures, moving ahead step by step with a common zest for success.


Understanding, recognising and placing a sufficiently high value on the input from both client and service provider during the development of the relationship will strengthen the bonds to ensure continuing improvement, thus building and not destroying the relationship.


Trust is the glue that holds all the pieces together. It is relying on the integrity of the other party; it is about the confident expectation that things will happen as planned; it is the obligation and responsibility that both parties carry to ensure that the confidence placed in them by the other party is well-founded and sincere.

The core of this program is the development of questioning and listening skills, integral in creating great relationships. Communication, or rather the lack of it – is a prime reason relationships fail, and this course aims to increase participants’ ability to communicate, thereby enhancing their relationships with customers and developing building blocks, ensuring that both buyer and seller win.

While this course is one of our main offerings in relationship building, the belief in Creating GREAT Relationships© is at the centre of our desire to build our business with you.

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